TheGenieLab’s eCommerce Best Practices Toolkit

Shopify to Magento

Shopify to Magento

Transferring your store with complete confidence and support. This tool will do a full transfer from Shopify’s customers, products and orders and will migrate them to your Magento store. In doing so the products will retain their hierarchy between configurable products and simple products that you have defined in Shopify.

Veeqo to Quickbooks

To enable business automation between your inventory control of your multichannel store to your accounting package, TheGenieLab has partnered with Veeqo to bring together their powerful system to synchronise its customers, products, orders and purchase orders to be transferred to Quickbooks Online or Desktop (Pro Edition).

Veeqo to Quickbooks

eCommerce Services

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TheGenieLab is taking best eCommerce practices seen by our various Service clients and making them available to the online/mobile community. With Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce as store fronts, we offer various tools to assist you in transitioning your data across. If you would like to enquire, please email us below.

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